• boat
    Faith 0

    Stepping Out Of The Boat

    Have you ever stepped out of your comfort zone to do something out of the ordinary? A time where I had to step out of my comfort zone ...

    On February 21, 2017 / By
  • mercy
    Faith 7

    A Guide To The Gift Of Mercy

    I don’t know about you but mercy is a word I don’t use a lot and we certainly don’t tend to hear it a lot in society today. ...

    On February 7, 2017 / By
  • cause-and-effect
    Faith 0

    Cause And Effect

    “For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so also by one Man’s obedience many will be made righteous” – Romans 6:19 Life is made up ...

    On February 5, 2017 / By
  • GoG-Ruth
    Faith 0

    Girls Of Grace: Ruth

    Who was she? Ruth was a young Moabite woman, and most likely between the age of 16-20 when she becomes a widow. That’s a very young age for ...

    On February 3, 2017 / By
  • let-your-light-shine
    Faith 0

    Let Your Light Shine

    We’ve all come across Christians whose lives scream that they’re living for Jesus in every way possible. Whether they’re serving all the time in church, posting things about ...

    On January 31, 2017 / By
  • gift-of-healing
    Faith 0

    A Guide To The Gift Of Healing

    Have you ever been speaking to someone and they begin to tell you about feeling unwell or about an ailment they are suffering with? This has happened to ...

    On January 29, 2017 / By


  • conceal
    Beauty 4

    Cover Up The Bad Bits

    “What if there was make up that didn’t just hide your blemishes, but actually made them go away?” This statement was part of the 2011 Neutrogena US advert, ...

    On December 13, 2016 / By
  • makeup-beginner
    Beauty 0

    Six Thoughts from a Make-Up Beginner

    Just over six months ago I wrote a post about how, in my late twenties, I was finally making confident steps in the world of make-up. Yup, it ...

    On November 25, 2016 / By
  • love-the-skin-your-in
    Beauty 0

    Love The Skin You’re In

    It’s really easy to pick at our faults and criticise the things we don’t like about ourselves when we live in a world that constantly feeds us images ...

    On October 9, 2016 / By
  • manimae
    Beauty 0

    Build Your Autumn Wardrobe

    With the October and November months comes crisp air, that lovely bonfire smell, hot chocolate, crunchy leaves and a whole new type of fashion! So, in the spirit ...

    On October 7, 2016 / By
  • credit-courtesy-of-benefit-cosmetics
    Beauty 0

    Beginner Brows

      Brows on fleek, brows on point, brows, brows, brows. Eyebrows have never been more en vogue and luckily for us, it’s the bigger the better. Gone are ...

    On September 30, 2016 / By
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    Beauty 1

    5 Chokers for £5

    Chokers are the 90s trend that have made a total comeback in 2016. You’ll see celebs like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift and Hailey Baldwin all rocking ...

    On September 20, 2016 / By


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