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    You’re Allowed To Be Angry With God

    There’s a guy in the Old Testament – David. He was a shepherd boy turned king and wrote some of the most famous parts of the Bible, which ...

    On August 4, 2017 / By
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    How To Keep Up With Bible Reading During The Summer

    SUMMER IS HERE! It’s time for the ‘fun stuff’ – holidays, BBQ’s, road trips, conferences, sleepovers, walks and relaxation! It’s that time of year when Summer takes us out ...

    On July 28, 2017 / By
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    Clarity & Trust

    My home church recently had the most amazing speaker come and talk to us about his incredible, and highly dangerous work in Burundi. His talk was super challenging, ...

    On July 23, 2017 / By
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    The Spiritual Gift of Miracles

    I’m sure you’ve all heard of the spiritual gift of miracles, as ‘miracle’ is a word that seems to be part of our everyday vocabulary. Perhaps you have ...

    On July 18, 2017 / By
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    Finding Your Purpose

    What am I doing with my life? What does God expect from me? What is my purpose? These are all questions that we have probably asked ourselves at ...

    On July 16, 2017 / By
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    Why Do We Go to Church?

    I’ve heard it asked many times; ‘God is everywhere, so why do we need to go to church?’ It’s a valid question and a truth that He is ...

    On July 14, 2017 / By


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    Let’s Talk About Acne

    Acne. It’s annoying, it’s painful and it can make you feel like the most unattractive person on the planet. Mine started when I was still in primary school ...

    On August 1, 2017 / By
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    DIY Facemasks

    We are well into Spring now and the change in winter may have effect on our skin too. We may need to switch our facial regimes to much ...

    On June 4, 2017 / By
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    7 Steps To Beautiful Skin

    When it comes to loving the skin you’re in, it can feel a little like an uphill battle! The huge range of products, supplements and tips can feel ...

    On May 14, 2017 / By
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    Top 7 makeup trends for 2017

    Now we are over the January hump where we were scraping together pennies post-Christmas, let’s look ahead to the makeup trends for this year. There are a lot ...

    On April 23, 2017 / By
  • GGF-AprilFools
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    Happy April Fool’s Day! Hehe! We bet you don’t need any of that makeup anyway – you are absolutely gorgeous! But if you’re interested, here are some tips ...

    On April 1, 2017 / By
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    A Guide To Using Highlighter

    I mean I really love highlighter. I guess like a lot of girls I am drawn to shiny things. But who knew there was so much choice out ...

    On March 14, 2017 / By


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